French Math Standards

The French Ministry of Education has a national standardized assessment test for CE1 (second year C1) and CM2 (first year C3) in both public and private schools.

Students are evaluated in French and mathematics in May and January (respectively). A practice test for CE1 can be found here:

Press Release about the CE1 results from the May 2009 testing:

Action Item – Valerie, Did our school do the test in May and if so what were our results by class? If we didn’t do the testing last year, could the first year C2 kids (the ones who would have taken the test in May) take a test (like the practice one listed above) soon? We can use feedback from those results to further strengthen and refine the C1 program.

I look forward to seeing our current C1 second year kids take this national standard assessment exam in May 2010. It will help us see that our children are meeting/exceeding the French standards. And positive results will help our school market and promote its educational strength of the school! Florence has a printed power point presentation with the school’s French math curriculum.  We’re all welcome to take a look at this.


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