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California Math Assessment

September 29, 2009

Hi folks,

Following up on the recent discussion, I’ve attached three tests from Los Angeles County that measure how well children are meeting the California math standards. And, the actual standards are included below that.

I’m still looking for the French math standards and any assessment tests. Please help if you can.

Assessment Tests

These tests (.pdfs) are approximately 20 pages each with big type that you can print and try.

C1 First Year / First Grade

C1 First Year/Grade 1 Math Assessment (Los Angeles)
Note, in order to complete page 6, the full addition/subtraction table should be memorized. 42 problems in 2 minutes gives students just 2.8 seconds per question.

C1 Second Year / Grade 2
C1 Second Year / Grade Two Math Assessment (Los Angeles)

C2 / Third Grade
C2 / Grade Three Math Assessment (Los Angeles)
Includes one page with 80 multiplication questions to complete in 3 minutes: 2.25 seconds each.

Practice / Help
For more tests and  practice problems for the Grades 1 through 8 California Standards.

California Standards Docs

The list California education standards are here, and the math standard is below:
California Math Standard (Kindergarten – 12th Grade).

It’s important to remember that the California standards are a baseline.

In order to be admitted to a top American university, “advanced” students will be distinguishing themselves participating in math competitions, such as this one for first graders: Grade 1 Math Challenge.

Try it!  It raises the bar a bit in terms of mathematical challenge, but to succeed, the child needs to find and focus on the important information quickly.  Many American entrance exams and placement tests are deliberately written in this style.

If you have any questions, please write in the comments below or email me directly: